What is the watch for me: the sun drying my several tables

What is the replica watches uk for me? In the Internet and smart products popular now, the swiss replica watches for us in the end what is it? Here I first introduce some of my watch, I will be based on the watch to buy time for everyone to introduce. Tissot T Classic Classic Series T55.8.283.11 This fake watches bought in 2002, I work after the first piece of their own to buy a better watch, then spent more than 1,200 yuan, almost half a month with my salary. Because it is automatic mechanical watch, every day wearing, sleep is also wearing. Tissot is the Swiss watch, for the time I was so incredible, worn on his hand for just a few years I have added a lot of self-confidence. Although it is now not wearing, but still well preserved, this watch is more important to me. At present, this watch information in Tissot's official website has been found, and not in the sale, it may be too long. It seems that this watch is also not outdated, the surface of the gold did not fade signs. Panerai 312 Watches for me what: sun drying my few watchs Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio - 44mm PAM00312 - Series Luminor 1950 - Panerai Watches www.panerai.com Direct links Watch for me what: sun drying my several watches Panerai (Panerai) watch modern series men's mechanical watch PAM0031263889 yuan Jingdong global purchase direct link I bought this piece in 2011, that year I entered the foreign work, income has been improved also have some spare cash, this time want to reward yourself. Was surrounded by a bunch of friends to encourage, well, men's luxury is nothing more than that kind of, belt wallet lighters watches (what yacht, polo what is too high, not in my discussion). Or watch it, too many brands and models, choose which piece is good? At that time friends strongly recommend Rolex, and I said once and for all. Do not take the unusual way I want to choose a non-mainstream. Suddenly on the Internet to see a watch of Panerai, chic bridge design deeply attracted me, while Panerai is also the Italian Navy commandos use the watch. So began to search in many models, the final selection of the Luminor 1950 series of two 312 and 359. Mainly because these two are used Panerai P.9000 self-winding mechanical movement, developed entirely by the Panerai, 2 barrel 3-day power reserve, 44 mm in diameter, AISI 316L matte steel, 44 mm dial there are special luminous (and some very normal not to mention). This is the 2 election, went straight to the HK, ha ha everyone understand, chance coincidence finally selected 312. This watch is worn on his hand strong enough to satisfy vanity. Watches for me what: sun drying my several watchs Rolex Explorer II watch - Rolex Swiss luxury watch on the Rolex official website to explore the explorer type II 904L stainless steel watch. Model: 216570www.rolex.com direct link Watch for me what: sun drying my several watchs Rolex (ROLEX) watch explorer series automatic mechanical male watch 216570-77210 white plate 47999 yuan Jingdong direct link In order to pull the "once and for all" of this grass, in 2013 finally entered the Rolex new exploration 2. Rolex also has a lot of models, especially the famous Ditonga oyster and water ghost series. My choice is Di Tong Na, helpless hand money can only give up Daytona, I feel the traditional oyster is still not suitable for my age, so in the water ghost and explorers in the election, and finally chose a new exploration 2. The main reason for choosing the new exploration 2 is because the Rolex 3187 movement dual time zone, Mercedes-Benz needle, blisters, observatory precision timing certification, 904L stainless steel (here to introduce 904L stainless steel, 904L super austenitic stainless steel is low carbon High nickel, molybdenum austenitic stainless acid-resistant steel, for the introduction of the French company's proprietary materials. Has a good activation - passivation transition ability, excellent corrosion resistance, non-oxidizing acids such as sulfuric acid, acetic acid , Formic acid, phosphoric acid has good corrosion resistance, in the neutral chloride ion medium has a good pitting resistance, but also has good resistance to crevice corrosion and stress corrosion resistance. Applicable to 70 ℃ the following various Concentration of sulfuric acid, at any pressure under any pressure, any temperature of acetic acid and acetic acid and acetic acid in the mixed acid corrosion resistance is also very good. Widely used in extreme environments and special industries). At the same time explorer type II series is Rolex in 1971 for the first time since the launch of its rugged watch since its unique design features, as cave scientists, volcanologists, and polar and forest explorers indispensable Companion Casio OCEANUS OCW-T1010-1A Watches for me what: sun drying my few watchs OCW-T1010 - ANALOGUE - OCEANUS - Watches - CASIO CASIO OCEANUS ANALOGUE series www.casio.com.cn direct links In 2014, from Casio's friends to get the Casio internal sale of information, ultra-cheap price then bought three, an OCEANUS OCW-T1010-1A, the other two have given people forget what model. OCEANUS ocean god, is the Casio watch series in the more high-end products. OCW-T1010-1A equipped with SMART ACCESS intelligent operating system. Sapphire glass mirror with no reflective coating, together with titanium alloy strap, more sense of quality and technology. Simple design, elegant and generous. At the same time equipped with 6 Bureau of radio, solar, pointer position automatic correction and other functions, 100M waterproof. This piece of Casio is so easy to use, and I often travel will go abroad to play, 2 time zone at any time switch, 6 Bureau of radio frequency correction, solar power, so that the watch on the time and power operation becomes unnecessary problems. Since there is this watch, 312 and the new exploration 2 are always shaking watch device, only to attend the big event and guest IB when the band. summary: Now I often wear OCEANUS OCW-T1010-1A also with millet bracelet, through my list of these purchases and use can also be representative of a part of the crowd on the use of the watch. In this Internet and intelligent products popular now, watch the timing function gradually forgotten, but also gives the watch more richer new features, such as iWatch and so on. In my opinion, the traditional watch industry has been an unprecedented strong impact, and gradually become a handicraft, luxury or represents a heritage. Of course, still hope that the traditional watch industry can be a new look, regain the light.

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