Now Say Goodbye to
Electricity Bills

Finally I can Run an
Air Conditioner Free*
For Entire a Day!

Building a Greener Future
Global Standards
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No solar @ night!

will set it right!

India’s first hybrid
self use solar system
in collaboration with
green companies.

Why buy electricity
when you can produce your own?

Welcome to Suntria Energy....energizing the future.... “Suntria Energy is one of the leading company who have re-engineered the costly solar energy to an economical and sustainable one.

Why Buy a Solar System?
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Variants of Solar Systems
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How does a X-Hybrid system works?
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How does a monitoring system works?
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Our Mission To bring efficiency and effectiveness in technology implementation. Converting a luxury to an affordable commodity! Here are the principles of how we live that every day

  • Our Prayer
    It has always been, and will always be, about quality. “Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in, it is what the customers gets out and is ready to pay for. A product is not quality because it is hard to make and costs a lot of money, as manufacturers typically believe. This is incompetence. Customers pay only for what is of use to them and gives them value. Nothing else constitutes quality”….quote by Peter Drucker.
  • Our Products
    It's our passion to facelift an “invention” to an “innovation”. Our every product translates our zeal to ethically develop and provide new-affordable ideas. We care deeply about all of this; our work is never done.
  • Our Partners
    We call them partners, not just because they share our passion but many times they have “gone out of the way” to implement it. We deeply care about the people who share our passion and make our dream a reality. Together, we embrace diversity to create a place where each of us can be ourselves. We always treat each other with respect and dignity. And we hold each other to that standard.
  • Our Customers
    When we work, we connect, laugh and uplift the lives of our customers - even if just for a few moments. Sure, it starts with an assurance of making their lives comfortable and hassle free, but our work goes far beyond that. It's about delivering happiness!
  • Our Resellers
    When our resellers also impart this sense of belonging towards our customers, our products become a “statement” in their lives, bringing joy, happiness and savings throughout. Its only due to our resellers we can communicate our passion, zeal and commitment to our customers. Our resellers have “bridged and balanced” our relationship with the customers. Always; with humanity.
  • Our Society
    Our every product is part of a society, and we take our accountability to be good citizens seriously. We want to be invited in, wherever we do business. We can be a strength for constructive action - bringing together our partners, customers, resellers and the society to contribute every day. We acknowledge that our responsibility, and the ability to do good – is even larger. The world is looking to Suntria to set new standards, yet again. We will lead.
Our Commitment is to Supply a product which is More
Advanced Reliable Safe Responsive

SMA OptiTrac Global Peak Shade Mitigation



Rooftop Solar PV System Information Guide

Why Choose Us? Here’s the best part of our impressive services

WE have thought about how and why people use our product. Our each product is a combination of analysis, design and evaluation all approached starting from the customer's point of view.
It's a Child's Play
Our entire product range is easy to understand and requires no technical knowledge to operate. With “on the go” advanced system monitoring it's really a child's play!
Durable and Serviceable
Our products are adaptable to varied roof-tops, constructions, architecture, geographical conditions and customer-needs. The Global standards make it a classapart, durable product with almost zero future service costs.
Affordable with Credentials
Our products are made of components manufactured by top companies and conforms to many IEC (International Electro-technical Commission) and Global standards. We know what it takes to make a great “Solar PV System”. But our motto is to “……..make it simple and affordable.”
Suntria Professional Install
Suntria energy products are skillfully installed and commissioned by TAGS (Tejam Automation and Green Solutions); which adheres to its strict norms ensuring proper installation and safety. TAGS also provides technical support and maintenance to Suntria Energy products.

About Suntria

Renewable Energy as the primary source of energy and not as an alternative energy. We think about the pollution caused by conventional sources of energy; so we harness unconventional sources of energy in every possible way & manner.

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In Collabration With Green Company