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The Suntria Energy Solar System is made up of three parts. The photovoltaic panels (manufactured by Vikram Solar), the inverter (manufactured by Solax Power or SMA) and balance of system. The inverter is a critical technological component that is the heart of any PV plant. A solar inverter, or PV inverter, converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that can be stored or fed into a commercial electrical grid, allowing the use of ordinary commercial appliances. At Suntria Energy we are creating the PV systems of tomorrow.

With our products and comprehensive range of services, you can be sure that your PV system is working as ecologically and economically as possible. In principle, the size of the PV system doesn’t play a role. However, it can be said that the smaller the scale of a PV system, the more cost-effective it will be To that end, you can compare the investment costs for the system with the returns. This has two advantages: The electricity you produce costs a lot less than that from the electric utility company. Plus, excess electricity is fed into the utility grid, and you receive a feed-in tariff that is guaranteed for over 20 years

Economical Benefits

Using Suntria Energy products means long term benefits, such as being cushioned from future fuel shortages and price hike. Our products offer the largest potential saving compared to any other system with a fastest average return over investment period of nearing 3-5 years.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

The best part of investing in Suntria Energy PV System is that it has a depreciation of 80%; if shown as a Capital Expenditure. Banks provide a low interest loans as it is considered as simple housing projects.

Long-term Benefits and High Resale Value

You will also be contributing to reduce this country’s dependence on foreign oil. Adding a Suntria Energy system to your home or workplace raises the resale value of the home or workplace by entire cost of the system. Hence, you can reclaim your entire investment when you sell it.

Environmental Benefits

Suntria Energy products do not pollute; rather by investing in one. You will be reducing your Carbon Foot-print. Thus, ensuring a better andcleaner future for the new generation and for yourself too!

Lifestyle up gradation

Many have started realizing that “Electricity” has become a basic necessity of every human being and; like other necessities it doesn’t come free. Lifestyle products like Air Conditioners, Electric geyser, room heaters etc. demand high electricity and hence have high operational cost. Suntria Energy products facilitates generation of electricity for 25 years; that to almost free! So now install more AC’s and room heaters and give a better comfortable lifestyle to your loved ones.

Roof-top productivity enhancement

An elevated solar installation provides an extra roof protection to your residential or commercial unit. The elevated solar installation becomes a rain-sun shielded space thus increasing its productivity. The elevated solar installation also retards direct sunlight and direct rain thus preventing the construction from ills of both and increasing its life-span.

Land Value Appreciation

“Almost Free electricity for 25 years” is surely a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for every person who is in the field of real estate. Thus a solar system appreciates the per square feet price attached to the land. Roof top earnings (available in select states. “Earning” vary according to state policies) Earn from my roof space? Yes, we are suggesting both “saving” and “earning” proposition. With a Grid-tied system and net metering you earn when your consumption is less than generation. So, if you have extra roof space then use it and start earning.

Flexible, modular and scalable

Solar installations can be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances, supports many locations and surpasses many constraints; hence are flexible. They can be installed in form of “units” and can be combined as a series of independent units; hence are modular. Their generation capacity can be increased or decreased easily; hence are scalable.

Enhanced Quality of Life

The development in electronics-electrical technology has poured many innovative products in the market; many of them having a high electricity consumption like “Air Conditioners”. Ownership of electricity generation will surely provide a leverage; permitting one with an extensive use of such appliances, machines and gadgets. With no pinch of electricity bills, the Suntria PV systems transforms a luxurious lifestyle product to a commodity; indicating a better quality of life

Roof Shield and Productivity

The Suntria PV System acts as a barrier to the solar radiation thus providing a shield from high temperatures which, in turn increases the life of the roof. Also, when the consumption is less than generation, the excess of electricity can be exported* to the grid, transforming an underutilized roof to a productive one. Surely, it's a feather in the cap!

Resource Ownership

Every organization consumes resources to create an economical value and it’s the dream of every organization to own “every” such resource. The Suntria PV Systems gives an ownership and control of such a resource called, “Electricity”; providing a competitive advantage to the organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Suntria PV systems gives an opportunity to an organization or an individual to fulfill its Social Responsibility (often termed as Corporate Social Responsibility). There is no trade-off between being socially responsible and economic performance¹. And there is a positive relationship between being socially responsible and economic performance that strengthens with corporate reputation².

¹M. Orlitzky, “Payoff to Social and Environmental Performance” 2005
²M.Orlitzky, and S. Rynes, “Corporate, Social And Financial Performance” 2003
The heart of the photovoltaic system: The inverter converts the direct current produced by PV modules into alternating current. Depending on demand, it is used directly in the home or fed into the utility grid.
Environmentally friendly and inexpensive: The power produced on your own roof is used directly in your home. You can clean, do laundry, light your home or surf the internet using the power of the sun – and save money by avoiding expensive electricity rates charged by energy suppliers.
Overview at all times: Our monitoring solution allows you to see at any time whether your PV system is running smoothly, whether your household is using the energy produced or whether it is being fed into the grid.

GT-SP 3600 / 4600 / 5200

GT-TP10000 / 12000 / 15000
/ 17000 / 20000

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